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Camino and more

Camino and more

Applications for the Caminos

Buen Camino App

The author is very grateful for a small donation.Route guides can be downloaded from almost all Caminos. Individual stages can be created. Very good maps (GPS) with lots of information, also lots of information from the hostels.

Website, in Spanish. Free of charge
Mostly used by Spaniards. Lots of information from the hostels etc. The forum (foro) is also used a lot.
If you register with Gronze, you can also use Gronze Maps, very good maps also via GPS.

WISE PILGRIM Camino Frances App
Lots of information about the route and the most important about the hostels. The map of the route can be downloaded and used via GPS.


Helpfuly for the Caminos

Understanding on the way

A little language aid for the camino, with the most important words ans sentences. Click the picture

Backpack transport by airplane

Sometimes one of the most frequently asked questions. What is the most sensible way to transport my backpack on a plane?
Here is a very helpful link to this topic.
Just click on the picture.

Bus connection Logroño to Burgos

Sometimes circumstances force it to travel a section of the Camino by bus or taxi.  (This is not a disgrace)
The timetable, from Logroño to Burgos, is attached. Click the picture

Santiago de Compostela

Opening hours

Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela

daily from 10:00  to  19:00

For more information click the Button

Webpage Pilgrims-Office

This and that

Recipes cooked and baked in our Casa Las almas

Here we have posted recipes, cooked and baked in our Casa Las almas. Just check back from time to time to see if there is anything new.

Last but not least

pictures, pictures, pictures

Click here for the Picture galleries.

Starting with the Camino Frances in 2012 to the Camino Invierno in 2022