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Casa Las almas

We are Sabine and Ulrich, and here in Espinosa del Camino on the Camino Frances about 40 kilometers from Burgos we have created our new home.

It should not only be our home, but also a home for pilgrims on the Camino Frances.

A place where body, mind and soul can find peace and rest.

We invite you to be a part of our home. We have 5 comfortable beds made up with fresh smelling bed linen. 

We would be very happy to welcome you to our home.

How to find us

At the entrance to

Espinosa del Camino

on the right

If you have questions

call us

or write us

+34 618 56 88 45

+34 618 56 88 45

Our door is open

from 11:00 to 22:00

Breakfast from 7:00 a.m.

We are open

all the year

we accept reservations

Interested, then please click on the voucher 

Thank you

Just now, when the camino seems so far away,

one is even more happy to hold

a piece of Camino in one's hands





80 km


 51 km

Santo Domingo de la Calzada

30 km


24 km

Redecilla del Camino

 20 km

to Espinosa del Camino

The Camino in a few words

A lot is reported about the Caminos, many questions are asked and for all those who go the way for the first time it is an uncertain time. Thousands of opinions, reports, subjective expressions that could hardly be more different and everyone has his or her own personal motive to take one of these paths.
But for each one of them it is always their point of view, and that is good, because that is what makes these paths so interesting.

It is always said, "many roads lead to Rome".
This is especially true when you set off for Santiago de Compostela. No matter which way you choose, when you reach Santiago de Compostela, stand in front of the cathedral and hold the Compostela in your hands, all the effort and effort will be forgotten.

Often years of planning, the time of anticipation, and then the last days until the start of the journey, which simply did not want to pass.
But suddenly the time has come.
The weeks on the Camino follow, which are marked by ups and downs, the great encounters and above all getting to know oneself. As soon as you got used to the road, you arrived in Santiago, and actually the time went by much too fast.
An indescribable feeling of pride and satisfaction spreads.

It is done.

But also gratitude, respect and humility towards the path,
and above all to those who are committed to the well-being of
have accepted pilgrims.

Only one thing remains to be said