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Sabine and Ulrich

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Casa Las almas

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Our children, Melanie, Dominic, Vanessa, Rebecca, Barbara, our Daugther-in-law our Sons-in-law, and our Grandchildren Melinda, Liam, Lenny, Jonathan, Johanna, Noah, Jakob and Silas

Our favourite sayings:

wherever you go, go with your whole heart.

by Konfuzius

I'm happy when it rains, because if I'm not happy, it rains.

by Karl Valentin

It's not a mountain, just a hill.

by Ulrich Schnepf

Every new journey begins with a first step

We took this first step in our new phase of life at the beginning of 2015, when we decided to look for a hostel in Spain so that we could support pilgrims in word and deed as hostel parents.
In November 2015, the time had come for us to move to Spain. The beautiful town of Ribadesella in Asturias on the Camino del Norte was our first home in Spain. Unfortunately, our wish for an albergue on the Camino del Norte did not materialise; despite an intensive search, we were unable to find the right property.
At the beginning of 2016, the albergue Das Animas on the Camino Frances in Ambasmestas was put up for sale again, or rather for lease with an option to buy. We had already been in contact with this albergue in spring 2015, but had not yet reached an agreement. A year later, we came to an agreement and accepted immediately without hesitation.
We lived in Ambasmestas from mid-April 2016 and had two weeks to renovate. Our plan was to open the doors of the albergue to pilgrims on 1 May. In the end, it was 4 May 2016 when we reopened the Albergue Das Animas.
Four years followed, which were characterised by many great encounters and new friendships. They were also years of gaining experience and we had to learn the hard way a few times. We were often reminded of the saying, "Apprenticeships are not master years". This didn't stop us from carrying on and being there for the pilgrims.
In 2019, we had to decide whether or not to buy the albergue, as the lease ended in May 2020. We decided to look for another albergue.
We then found what we were looking for in Espinosa del Camino, a former albergue from 2014 to 2018. A house with good karma, we immediately had a good feeling about this house. Once again, we had to take another step, buy yes or no. As it turned out, we bought the house at the end of 2019 and became even more deeply rooted in Spain. Our plan to convert the house into an albergue with 12 beds had to be put on hold at the beginning of 2020 due to the pandemic. We were forced to close the albergue in Ambasmestas by the government in March 2020. The Camino was closed.
It has now been 4 years since we bought the house and the albergue has finally become a casa with 5 beds. This is how we want it to stay, our home that is also a home for pilgrims. There is still a lot to renovate and rebuild, but one thing at a time, or as they say here, poco a poco.

Our Casa

At the entrance to Espinosa del Camino, on the right